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smarty party board game
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Smarty Party! by R & R Games – Ages 13 & up 

This was such a FUN game!  I say was because we have played the entire game and all its expansion sets (that’s how much we played it!).  Another easy game to explain and great for a group of people.  It’s best played with those that love guessing and trivia games.  Everyone plays each round, which was something we really liked about the game. 

So this is how it goes – one person will draw a random card and then read the question (i.e. Name the 9 most visited States in the US).  Everyone will get a turn to guess and if your answer is not on the card, you’ll get a penalty chip.  If you do guess an answer on the card you’ll get these (fun-to-squish) blue pants – the coveted Smarty Pants.  I can’t believe how many people in our group just loved to possess these pants!  Anyhow, once all 7 penalty chips have been taken (so 7 wrong answers have been said), everyone adds up how many penalty chips they received and moves that amount.  Then the person that has the pants will get to be the next reader.  Play continues until someone hits the finish, at which point the actual winner will be the one that is furthest from the end (so the person that received the lowest amount of penalty chips overall).

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